UK Bunny offers more ways than ever to order our products

UK Bunny is making it easier than ever for customers to get ready for pre-orders ( special orders) of our bespoke items.

Please visit our website all the time as we are now adding new products everyday.

We have also just received 200 items new stock for our UK warehouse. If you need something special for this Christmas, they are ready to be dispatched from our warehouse in Hemel Hempstead in the UK. We now uploading our new products to our website, please visit

Our Retail Services
Whether online through our website, amazon or ebay shops, or in UK Bunny Facebook page, UK Bunny Retail offers an incredible experience for customers to get connected with expert team members, find the product that best suits their needs, and learn how to get the most out of our products.

All the choice.
Customers can connect with an UK Bunny Retail team member for a Shop with a Specialist session online, over video and receive personalised advice on buying and choosing the right size.

All the delivery and pickup methods.
Easy Pay Online Ordering is an exciting offering that allows customers to purchase both available UK Bunny products and inventory not in stock and have them shipped to their home all in one transaction. Through this feature, customers can now seamlessly choose to ship while the remaining items in their order get delivered at a later date.

From the comfort of their homes, after making a purchase online or in our facebook page, customers can also choose to pick up their products in-store(coming soon) or opt for delivery, with free delivery* available in many locations.

All the support.
UK Bunny team members offer exceptional care and are ready to help customers both in-store and online.

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